Tuppeny Rice and Treacle - Cottage Housekeeping 1900-1920 - by Doris E. Coates

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This delightful book draws on recipes compiled by Doris's mother in Derbyshire and mother-in-law in Cumberland, and contains detailed records of weekly expenditure.  It includes numerous recipes for nutritious and filling meals for working men and growing families, taking full advantage of what was available - hearty meat dishes, with lots of root vegetables, puddings and dumplings to fill them out, cakes and buns, sweets and jams, and beverages to go with them (some highly alcoholic!).  The recipes work just as well now as then.  It is also full of household and cleaning hints and products, illustrating immense pride in the home, as well as medicines, lotions and potions that would 'kill or cure'.  Illustrated with many contemporary photographs, and line drawings by George Coates, the author's husband.  It is one of a series of social and local histories written by the author and published by The Harpsden Press.  Paperback, 154 pages.