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Children of Winter by Berlie Doherty

Children of Winter by Berlie Doherty

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Catherine and her family set out for her grandmother’s house deep in the Derbyshire hills. Sheltering from a storm in an old cruck barn with her younger sister and brother, it becomes strangely familiar to her, and she is drawn back to a time when three children sheltered all winter away from a terrible plague that was devastating their village. 

Written by a master storyteller Children of Winter recreates the time when the tiny village of Eyam in Derbyshire cut itself off from the rest of England in 1666.

'Very well written indeed, and its power rests in the way in which the strongly defined and sympathetic characters are dealing with their problems - and their feelings.'
'Vividly and sensitively realised.'
'Berlie pitches it just right. She has a fantastic prose style, plus a great feel for characters and situation. This is my favourite of all her books.'
'The story is full of tiny, everyday details of what it is like for the children to look after each other and live without their parents, all the while knowing that their home and family is a short walk away. The fear the plague brings with it is beautifully drawn and enacted, and the while book is wonderfully atmospheric'.
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